Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Morning Thoughts From RJ

Hope springs eternal. You have all heard that phrase. But as you get older you try to temper your excitement because disappointments can be crushing and you start keeping your happy days and sad days to your self.

I love finding humor in things or actions that no one else notices. A quiet inner smile will suffice.

I love to laugh so hard that tears come to my eyes. Some bloggers have that gift. Thank you!

There is many a day that I give spell check a run for its money. Somedays, we both give up.

What is the secret to the success of Victoria's Secret? Curves. A bag of bones with clothes draped on them is not appealing. I feel sorry for the models who are not allowed to eat.

On occasion I will get a compliment on my writing. It is always a surprise but I thankfully accept it. It does happen strangely enough after struggling to write a story down to begin with.

I have no idea why I end many sentences with a preposition.

My children, which are now 23, 25 and 27 are now starting to feel old. There are no more age dates to wait for anymore and time now flies instead of dragging. Just wait!

I hope ten years from now I feel as sharp mentally then as I do this morning. Only physically, do I long for my youth, thirty years ago would suffice. Many parts of my life I would decline to do over.

Most math courses are taught to keep math teachers employed. I have yet to calculate the time, speed and miles of two trains traveling in opposite directions.

How come a, b,c and x and y are the stars in problems and most other letter are left out? I understand that Q and U have issues but the rest of them...

enough this morning
coffee time

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