Sunday, December 9, 2012

Reaching A Crossroads

I have come up against a financial crossroads in this late stage of my life. I have to say with all honesty my career choice hasn't worked out. Sometimes one needs a bit of luck to make things work out in sales. I have needed luck here and there and luck has sat on the sidelines, giggling at me. What a knee slapper. The plus and minuses of commission sales.

I have been surprised at the lack of professionalism on the part of many businessmen or women that I have run in to, a lack of commitment one would expect. Also what has surprised me is the inability on many to say yes or no.
Waffling indecisively.

But maybe it is my fault after all. People buy when they see value or a sense of need. I have failed to convey that.
I have however grown in my social skills and my boldness in meeting people and maybe, just maybe, something good will come of that.

The people I work with want me to succeed, partly because they like me but part of it is the business cycle, to make the group grow as a hole. In business, without growth there is death. And financially, I am dying.

I have run out of money tricks. My aching knees tell me that all the options out there are not good ones and the ones on the short list certainly don't pay well, which means cobbling together mediocre jobs to pay the bills.

to be continued...

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