Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ads, Adverts, Advertising, You can't get away from it can you?

I read some where that on an average day one sees or hears about 10,000 sales pitches a day. Thinking about it yesterday as I watched YouTube I think it might be low. Those annoying little ads that I dutifully clicked the X on to get rid of kept popping up again and again.

Even though I wasn't interested in the sales pitch I realized that as I looked for the X to clear it I was forced somehow to read some of it to find the X.

Again and again. and again.

There is no such thing as free. Free Google, Free Facebook, Free news, Free sports are all brought to you by someone with something to sell. The government is more invasive in your life but the ad people are working on it.

I do my best to ignore it. When watching TV I will have two channels to switch back and forth when a commercial comes on. Even then I may linger too long before switching.

When you shop at the mall, advertising swirls around you. I read recently there are robots scanning you, your face, body type and so on, analyzing everything they can to figure out how to get you to buy, buy, buy.

I remember a scene in Minority Report in which Tom Cruise is walking through a mall and holographic ads are popping up to sell only to him. We are close to that now.

The downside to all this is to get away from it all one must become reclusive to the world around us. I am not sure if that would be a bad thing. It would be pretty boring I guess. But there is art, books, and music to fill the hours away. It should be enough, yes?

We do go through life selling ones self, services and so on to survive. Social interaction. I guess there is a need for others. It is not all together blissful being alone.

So you want to buy me a morning cup of coffee?

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