Friday, December 7, 2012

Two Weeks To Doomsday or Should I Pay Those Monthly Bills?

Being today is Pearl Harbor Day, (notice how many holidays revolve around wars) and according to the internet only two weeks until the Mayan end of the world calendar, let us look a moment at the ways the world will end shall we?

The ticking time bomb

The Yellowstone caldera. According to people in the know, the Yellowstone caldera (volcano) erupts every 650,000 years and is 35,000 years behind schedule. Now considering that 35,000 years ago is when man started walking on the planet, the time frame is very small. But the impact on the planet and especially the USA, will be huge. a quick link Volcano Questions & Answers - Yellowstone National Park


We all know by now the impact of an meteor and what it would do to the planet. The amazing thing is that it doesn't have to hit to be destructive, many times blowing up before impact, the results being the same. In Russia in the early 1900's , something came down in Siberia and flatten 85 million trees.
a quick link Tunguska event - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Death By Asteroid

Huge difference being hit by an asteroid. About the size of an aircraft carrier. Dwarfs the devastation created by a meteor. It is not the devastation caused by the impact but the nuclear winter caused by all the dust that would circle the earth for years, causing death and construction and starvation because without sunlight there would be no crops, no animals, and people would starve to death. A very bad way to go.a quick link Death by Asteroid , and How to Avoid It

The usual suspects

Then again you have earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanos. Tsunamis are the results of earthquakes in the oceans, the end result is a monstrous wave hitting land and destroying everything in its path and like a monster, drawing the destruction back into the sea. Volcanos and earthquakes happen because of extreme pressure building up over time. When they happen is hard to predict and of course very destructive, the closer to the epicenter the worse you would be.  They happen because the planet is still alive at the core and when it is not all life would cease to exist. One might say a difficult marriage.

The Sun

The sun goes through predetermined cycles of activity and phases and most of what it spews at the earth is repelled by our atmosphere, However gamma ray blasts are very destructive and all bets are off if it would hit us directly.

Something will happen to us someday. When, no one knows for certain. It might happen all at once or it might take hundreds of years. Dinosaurs were around for millions of years. We won't be, that you can count on. Life as we know it will be considered a grand experiment that went wrong.

The Every 26,000 Year Planet Alignment

I believe the Mayan calendar just resets it self and a new cycle starts once again. The distance between the planets are so huge the fact that they align should not be a problem. They have shown that the tilt of the axis of Earth always changes a bit over time however the change of the north and south pole might cause problems, however it all takes time and mankind might survive,

I plan on golfing on December 22nd and I have never missed a tee time, ever! So we will be okay, I promise you.

Time for a scientific cup of coffee


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