Saturday, December 15, 2012

I felt a bit like Rudolph, not playing in any reindeer games

It is true that you can feel like in outsider in a group. Lat night it was our Christmas party and I almost didn't attend. At the last minute I said yes. When you are not producing you are on the outside looking in.

My perception I know. I grabbed a seat along the wall and tried not to interact much instead chose to people watch instead. People have a tendency to interact in small groups, looking for a certain comfort level and camaraderie amongst their fellow workers.

I did behave myself because I had a long trip ahead of me, a 28 mile trip back home, so I used my two drink tickets, a few beers, and left.

Fellow workers act differently in a social situation, liquor flowing, bar scene. What was interesting was how everyone dressed, especially the women. The peacock look was in last night. Definitely a big difference in how they looked and acted. I am sure things progressed through out the night. Careers can be made or broken at an office party. I wonder for whom.

 I was not charming last night, just acted very low key and after the raffle, quietly moved on.  I will look back at the strange year I have had and look forward to comparing this year to the upcoming year.

time to work my magic on some plumbing problems.

coffee time

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