Saturday, March 3, 2012

To Manscape or not was the question and the women answered!

Adult Talk Next

One wanders from blog to blog, someone's reading list looks interesting, pick a title and then settle in for a read.
The subject was interesting enough, a guy giving divorce advice which led to after divorce dating advice all very funny and all true.

It soon turned to men shaving , ( down under ), the expectations of the ladies now a days and their likes and dislikes. The cutest description was the Chia pet look. The ladies all seemed to agree on the look they liked and why. Some were a bit shy in saying their thoughts but most were bold and funny I might add.
And a few of them I recognized from other blogs or posts!

So it got me thinking. This certainly isn't the 80's, I am way behind the times. Not that there is any local interest but maybe someday...

now for a very large cup of coffee
a steady hand
and ...gulp...
where the expression of "got you by the short ones comes from!"

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