Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Once again, it is time for some rambling thoughts from RJ

Gather around boys and girls!

The newest buzzword in business is accountability. By definition that means " something bad happened and I am going to blame you for it so I don't get in trouble first!"

The real reason to become a part of upper management is to bonus. To actually take care of customers is secondary.

If management asks you for an opinion, don't be an idiot and give it.

Life is not complete without man's best friend.

Will the world ever stop fighting?

Within a few months after this years election, we will be in Iran.

Iy you want to steal a lot of money and not get arrested, be a former Goldman Sachs banker, a former governor and bilk a hedge fund out of billions, right Corzine?

If you body hurts, your heart is lonely, if your finances are threatened, if joy is so fleeting, what else is there?

Cue the puppy!

As one gets older life is more about need and less about want.

Dr. Seuss stories were not written simply for children but contained messages for adults. Adults didn't get it.

Reality shows are car wrecks with many people watching.

Human behavior will cause the end of the world, not a Mayan calendar.

Once you get to a certain age, advertising no longer works.

time for a nightcap

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