Sunday, March 11, 2012

I suck as a department manager because I am too nice

It's true. It is one of my failings.  Besides an occasional paperwork snafu, ( paperwork is never ending ) I am too nice, I am known as a nice guy. I was told that. This came about as the district manager walked in and that day everything was a disaster. I was told this as I walked in that day about the visit.

Accountability, responsible for my people not doing enough.

I only took the position to earn more money selling (spiff, commission ) which has now gone away. I do work like crazy, I was given additional duties but not extra people. A long time ago I used to be good, not now I guess. Obviously I have to make a decision, one that will not result in losing my job.

Borrowing from Shakespeare... To be a prick of a boss or not to be a prick of a boss, that is the question

To be continued...
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