Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day

Or is it Pie day, with ice cream? No silly, Pi , 3.14 to infinity. As it is with many things about math, my eyes start to glaze over and get teary eyed with anything about math.
Even though I posses superior superior math skills, as long as I can use my fingers, math for the most part escapes me.
It might be because of my early school years when I was repeatedly mentally bludgeoned in front of the class at the blackboard trying to do long division and multiplication tables, leaving me crying like a little school boy,wait a minute, I was a little school boy, I have always been a visual person.

I have learned bits and pieces of math, enough to get by but always with a calculator at the ready. I have learned some basic stuff over time but mostly for a reason. How to measure a room, convert square inches into square feet and so on. And something simple like that did not come easy. How to make sure a corner is square? measure off 3 ft on one side, 4 ft on another, from end to end should be 5 ft.
Important? no? how about when you are building a fence and need it square?

So I guess I lean a bit more to geometry, algebra makes no sense to me, unless you want to figure how long it would take for two trains traveling at different speeds to crash into each other.

Someone reading this might think math is so easy and others will commiserate in my pain and ignorance.
Don't worry smart math people, I will hire you to do the heavy lifting.

An online friend is a bookkeeper, and obviously successful at it, seemingly keeping the business she works for running smoothly. She is smart, but she is well rounded and not just book smart.

So I salute all you math people on Pi day. You will always have a place in our hearts and work force.
For those of you with a mathematical curiosity on PI, check out this link
for more on PI.

But for me, I will have a math simple cup of coffee!

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