Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Susan Boyle?

Well, it appears that it is deja vu all over again. Funny looking overweight guy, bad hair, lacking confidence, a beautiful girl by side and in his corner, comes out and underwhelms the judges, on appearance alone. Simon saying it couldn't get any worse, audience smirking and then suddenly they start to sing.
Wait for it, countdown, a roar from the crowd, standing ovations from the judges. I guess they were wrong.
People are judgmental, we all are. As one gets older you learn to wait a bit, to see if you are right.

For some reason the video will not play here. never fear, it will take you to you tube.

When Simon talks, he talks as a businessman, to make money. Jonathan is nothing without Charlotte , at least for now. Without her he would not have walked out on stage.

She sings quite well too. If they were to go on as a duo, he would have to learn not to overpower her voice.
Pavorotti redux? time will tell.
I am thrilled for the both of them, aren't you?

Allow me to put on my opera glasses and pour a cup of coffee
and watch and listen.

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