Monday, March 5, 2012

I survived 72 below windchill, but now I am freezing...

A couple of years before we moved down to Florida in 1988, we had a super cold winter. As winters go in Chicago, it was extremely cold. The wind chill was at an all time low/high? Any way, it was brutal.

Many a night of howling winds whipped the city. I was bar tending one Saturday. A very popular place. But this night was the beginning of the end.

We had a full house, but it was so cold. The heating system couldn't keep up. We had a girl working the coat check , She had a space heater , trying to keep warm but it didn't help. Every time the door opened  she swore at whoever was walking in. Yep it was that cold.

There was three of us working behind the bar. We took to wearing ski vests, hey, we were freezing.
We made it through the night, a punishing night. I was happy to finally go home. One of the bouncers needed a ride home.

W headed out to the full parking lot. When it is that cold, there is no sound, no movement, sound takes a holiday,

My car started on the second try. I found out later that only two cars started, mine being the second one. I am sure it was a long night for all.

As we drove along I noticed cracked water pipes, glazed icy streets and tough driving conditions. I didn't stop for any red lights along the way, my reasoning being that if I got pulled over to get a ticket, the police car might be warm.

There wasn't a car to be seen anywhere. I dropped the bouncer off and headed home. I arrived safely and throwing the car into neutral and let it slowly stop in a ice glazed snowbank.

The wind chill registered at 72 below zero that night. 72 below...
The following Saturday is was only 64 below wind chill.
We laughed. It was getting warmer.
Chicago humor.

This morning, it dropped below 50, not 50 below, but below 50.
My fingers were like icicles, no feeling in them.

now I am a sissy Florida boy.

and proud of it.

time for a hand warming beer!

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