Thursday, March 8, 2012

Time Change? Spring Ahead My A##

Really? I am always tired now and we get the opportunity to lose an additional hour of sleep this weekend?

It's all fun and games when one is younger. Add an extra hour here, lose an hour there, no big deal. Dealing in retail, I know that customers come in a bit more cranky on a Sunday morning with one less hour of sleep.

Did I say cranky? Surly is more like it. We were supposed to have a mandatory store meeting this Sunday. But they moved it back two weeks, maybe realizing the timing would be bad and the employees would not be as receptive to the corporate news.

I for one, do not miss a lot of things about being younger, but highly missed is the ability to recover quickly, body and mind, to whatever one puts it's self through. Too much fun, sports, work and so on. But as one gets older, a good sleep is the most precious of all.

I vote to retroactively get back all the sleep I missed or ignored when I was little, fighting not to go to sleep during our afternoon nap when I was little in kindergarten.

However, I will still eat the cookies and drink the milk!

and now it is time for a sleepy eyed cup of coffee...

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