Thursday, March 15, 2012

Not What It Seems

As I tried to do some work around the pool, the rain, like clockwork hampered my work. As I turned to go in one of the buzzard hawks flew by and came to stay in my tree.

Most of the time they are seen high in the air effortlessly gliding along, usually in groups of five to ten, scouring the ground for their road kill meals. They look majestic from afar. But up close, not that handsome at all.

Kind of like life I think. You think the other person has it made and from a distance it would sure look that way.  But get up close and it ain't  pretty.

Would you still want to trade places? You might be in a place better then most. Try to look at others see you, you may be surprised.

and now for a contemplative black coffee sprinkled with some Ommm's

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