Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Less Monkee

They were fun, They were silly. We thought the music was great. We all sang along. We played the albums, taking turns sing the lead in each song. We had fun. We didn't miss a show. We wished we were a Monkee!
Critics said they were a put together band just for TV. Who cared? They made us happy.

And Davy always got the pretty girl!

I used to build model cars. I built this one!

Davy always got the girl it seemed. He seemed to get the most credit for his singing, but Mickey Dolenz did sing most of the songs.

Here is one of Davy Jones best songs

The scary part is that as our favorites pass on, someday it will be our turn. Oh well, have all the fun while you can!

Here we come
walking down the street...

coffee time

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