Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Part Two Of My My Long Awaited Visit To The Norton Art Museum

All the photos that I took for part one were on the first floor of the museum. 
As I posted them I realized I had missed a few I wanted to show. That will be in a future post.
The Chinese exhibit was on the second floor. Very overwhelming. 
So much to look at but I will do my best. 
If you did not see it, please read part one at

The attention to detail on each piece is amazing.

This is was used to store armor. At first I was disappointed because
I wanted to see inside, lo and behold, there was a second one!
Such craftsmanship.

This screen is 12 foot long. The docent said parts could be removed
and still the picture would be uninterrupted.

The horse head carvings were amazing. The were formed from different blocks of stone.
I tried to show that with a picture of each.

A blurry picture, but I took this to show the range of years
of the exhibit and the dynasties.

I could have been there for hours trying to capture each piece
in all the many displays.

Then I went up to the third floor. 
When I was on the first floor, I thought a few times, yea, I can do that.
When I got to the third floor, I was clueless, I had trouble seeing the brush
strokes. Perfection in paint!

As you walked up the stairs to the second 
floor, a winding staircase, that had plaques with quotes
from different artists. I should have taken more.

Many of the paintings seemed to be moving as you looked at them.
This is one example of that.

The painting below was painted to please everyone.
The buildings are not really that close to each other and there
is a mix of clothing styles from different time periods.
This was pointed out by one of the docents.

The painting below is really a work of art!
The painter, who is shown at the easel with a smug "can you top this"
look on his face, had painted close to 30 different popular
paintings of the time in one painting.
One of the original paintings was hanging on the wall
to my left as I looked at this one. I am annoyed that I did
not take a picture of that one. A mystery photo for another time.

This the third woman in a painting that I fell
in love with. She was an actress and her main
roles was doing works of Shakespeare. 
I love the gray hair, she is very beautiful!

The painting below was noticeable as soon as one walked into the room.
Because even at a distance the brightness of the faces
surrounded by the darker colors shown out.

I hope you enjoyed my little mini tour. It did take some effort
on my part, but I think it was worth it. I will go back there again.

and now, you know, coffee time

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