Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Birthday Aftermath

 I had a nice relaxing, somewhat lazy seven days off this last week. I had a friend that I have known forever fly in for a four days of golf and beer drinking and pool playing and I had three days of not doing much. I took off my birthday for a change of pace and enjoyed some time at an art gallery, which once I get some pictures sorted out I will endeavor to show the wonderful paintings that I saw.

I received some nice presents from the kids, and cards, and a few emails trickled in too. A few people stopped by to wish me well on yesterdays post too.  And to all I say thank you.

Next year 60!

Somedays I feel older, somedays younger. It depends on the situation and whom I am with to be honest. Somedays you know your limitations, sometimes things appear limitless. I am not yet at the age where I don't buy green bananas but time is rushing up at me.

Is the next set of golf clubs the last set? How about a new car or truck? What about a house? Silly thoughts go through ones mind.  There are some physical limitations to always work around that makes me feel old at times. I still feel mentally sharp and pride myself on wanting to learn more and see more of what the world has to offer. I want to be a renaissance man of sorts. To be well versed in many cultural aspects of life would be wonderful. And to do all that, I will do my very best.

A somewhat somber post to be sure. Birthdays are more to be cherished then to be celebrated I think, at least at this stage of life, more of an opportunity to reflect.

Now it is time for a giant cup of coffee for this old man.
Thanks to all.

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