Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beware! I Have Become A Serial Woman Complimenter!!

There is an art to giving a women a compliment. 
It has to be sincere and honorable and I am capable of both.
The woman has to catch my eye in a certain way.
It could be her hair, or her smile. hat
glasses. or just her own persona that makes her attractive.
And no, it is not the size of her boobs.
And sometimes I want to let her know that the effort she 
took to dress nicely has not gone unnoticed.

She may look incredibly fit or maybe just looks
overall, wonderful. I never know when it is going to happen.
I do know that most of the time the woman is middle-aged
or older. I feel the need to let them know how they look to me.

And being I don't look like a bum or street urchin, 
they are not uncomfortable when I come up to them.

The conservation goes like this.
"Hi. I was wondering, if you don't mind, may I give you a compliment?"
After she nods her head yes, or tells me yes, I say
"I think you are very beautiful or I think if the power went out
and this store was plunged into darkness, the radiant  beauty of your 
smile could safely guide us out of here, or just having you near by
makes my heart work faster."

Corny huh? Maybe. But I get wonderful smiles in return, 
or a touch on the shoulder of thanks. They seem to levitate.
One woman told me she doesn't get compliments much any more.
I told her that men may not say it but they are thinking it.

So there you have it. So now you know. If you are approached
by a middle-aged man with an engaging smile
listening to music on his little I pod
A compliment is coming your way!

I will now bask in the warmth of your smile
as I sit down to a rather large cup of coffee!

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