Thursday, November 3, 2011

Animal Farm Part Two?

The Occupy Wall Street movement is generating great interest around the world. Their message seems to be the average person has been forgotten and cast aside by the 1% of the world. I agree with the message.

But if some sort of victory is achieved, then what?  What will change? And better yet, whom will benefit?

If you remember in Animal Farm, the animals rebelled against man. All were to be treated as equals. But the pigs convinced the other animals that they were more equal. And in the end became more like the man then like pigs.

There is always a pull to fill a void of leadership in society. And the changes that were made for the common good seem to slip away. Now that we are at over 7 billion people in on our little planet, what will change?

The changes will be temporary I am afraid. Even so, it is needed to right a ship that is listing badly in the seas.

It will continue to be a bumpy ride.

A huge black coffee is needed now.

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