Sunday, November 13, 2011

And To The Republic For Which It Stands, A Mini Civics Lesson

See, you thought we lived in a democracy. No, we do not.

The pledge of allegiance states we are a republic, which is a form of representative government. A democracy allows one to vote for the representative of your choice. Most people get them confused. Me too.

Just think if we ruled by the majority of the people on everything that needs to be done, Nothing would get done. At times I must admit, our government gets nothing done, so I guess that is not so far fetched.

There are rules designed to make everything run as smooth as possible. The framework for it is the Constitution.

The great thing is that we are allowed to vote the bums out and bring in new bums! Not exactly efficient but it is all we have, and we better do all we can to keep that right.

Not exactly an earth shattering post, but it was something kicking around in my mind.

Enjoying another day off in somewhat sunny Florida!

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