Monday, November 21, 2011

A Chilling Tale Of The Sociopaths That Walk Amongst Us

I was reading the story of "Kingpin" by Jon Roberts and Evan Wright in the latest copy of Mens Journal.

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It is a scary story of a man involved in the drug trade who has no regard for any human being.
He said "The secret to his success lay in a diagnosis once given to him by a mental health specialist. I am a sociopath. Most of the time I have been on this Earth, I have had no regard for human life. In my world, that was an advantage. Inflicting pain and using fear were tools I used to get my way."

At the age of five he was learning this from his father, an old time mafia gangster. He as a boy internalized what he saw.  "My dad always hit people with objects-a bat, brass knuckles, the end of his gun,His main philosophy of life was "Evil is stronger than good. If you need more power in a situation, pick the most evil way and you will come out on top."

Was he born this way? Can you learn evil?  I don't know, but evil attracts evil. It is a scary part of life. People like this are a destructive part of society. It makes for great reading or a cult movie. But you would not want to know anyone like that. They will kill you for sport.

a sobering Monday morning thought
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