Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Long Awaited Visit To The Norton Art Museum Part One

I know to some this may be boring and dreary but I had a great time at the gallery. I had not been to an art museum since grammar school, many, many years ago so this was long overdue. There was so much to see.
I was there for about four hours. I let tired and exhausted both mentally and physically, but it was well worth it. I took along my little camera and will apologize  ahead of time for the quality but I did the best I could. I also thought to take pictures of the little information signs as I would have no clue later on what or whom I had saw do what.
I realized as I walked around I tried to realize why I liked it and what compelled me to stop and take a snapshot.
I did take two mini tours with a couple of docents as they  gave me some information that helped explain what was going on.

Some I will comment on, some not. I will have to go back to see what I missed.
There will be a part two on this subject. I hope that I matched up everything correctly!
Thank you for stopping by.

The sculpture below I thought was fascinating. I took pictures from different angles
as I realized it was moving. As you look at it the look changes.

The following is called an installation, as I found out later.
I would guess 20-30 ft high and 40 to 60 ft long.
The room is huge and yet it fills it. Breathtaking.
They let you leave your impressions on paper and hung them up for all to 
see. Quite different to me. There was a video playing that showed
the artist giving an interview.

The following is a landscape but at first it seems like ocean waves.
But there is no blue! A very windy day contributed to the look.
As you look at it, you may start to feel dizzy and queasy. I know I did.

The following, as I looked at it, I thought 
that I could draw it!

This is one of three women in a painting that I was 
attracted to. The beauty and style that was captured 
was lovely.

The following is very popular as it appears on bookmarks 
and calenders in the gift shop.
When you first see it, you would swear it is a photo.
She appears to be singing.

This is the second woman that caught my eye. At the end of the second tour
I asked the docent to come over to explain it to me.
The woman was a model around the 1920's, very popular.
One notices the darker colors all around until you get to the face.
Her eyes followed you around the room. I wondered
how that was achieved, something I have to look into.
I now can see how one can fall in love with a painting!

That is all for today.
I hope you enjoyed it.
It gave me I think, a long lasting inspiration.
much needed.
And now, of course a large coffee!
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