Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday Rambling Thoughts From R J

Who ever thought of Black Friday sales day first should be bound and gagged and pushed off to sea on a raft and when no one is looking, be pushed off it.

People wait in lines to buy something just so they can boast to their one friend how much they saved.
But just look at the price of that slow cooker crock pot!

Companies that open early are uncaring about their employees. But hey, its retail right?

People will complain about the service on Black Friday. They never think of the salesman or cashier that had to leave their family to come back to work to put up with unruly customers. Happy Holidays my ass!

Corporate big wigs who make those decisions will be at home that day.

It's sad really that companies will go to great lengths to try to get you to come in to shop when for the other 364 days of the year you wouldn't bother.

If you work in retail, you hate the holidays. Halloween stuff is on the shelves in September. Christmas stuff comes rolling in to the store in September and a lot of work and manpower will be involved to try to sell it all before Christmas.

Christmas is a special time of the year for all the little children. Gifts should be for the little ones only. To them it is a day of joy and fun.

Grownups are forced to visit people they don't really like and pretend to be jolly and happy and sit down to a very large meal, in the meantime formulating a plan on how to leave early.

Drinking emphasizes that the person who talks a lot but has nothing to say and whom you thought was not too bright and a bore will confirm it loudly and often throughout the evening.

And I think that is enough for now.

time for a big grumpy cup of coffee

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