Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No Pink This Month

Last year around this time I was watching a football game on TV and noticed the players wear pink colors with parts of their equipment. Cool. Supporting the cause, breast cancer awareness month. A good idea. I decided that I would used pink as much as I could in my blog as support to the cause. But not this year and I will tell you why.

I work in retail. I notice things. And I think. I noticed that one makes some mixing bowls in pink, put a sign on it that would say we support cancer research, tug at the heart strings, add a guilt trip and make a sale.
Wouldn't a better, bolder statement say, we have donated this much money to cancer research and we hope it helps and we make good stuff and we hope you buy it?

A long time ago, I had for a short time, a job delivering radiation medicine to a group of local hospitals at night, trying to earn some extra money.  I grew concerned about being around radiation and nuclear medicine and quit. But not before thinking about the whole process.

Why would they and why should they find a cure for cancer?  There are millions of people and billions of dollars involved in finding a cure. If and when they find a cure it would shut down an industry. I realized it will never end. Too much money$$$$

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, the treatment alone will kill you, disfigure you, or make you sicker then before. Just a guess on my part but our environment and foods we eat and the water we drink are major reasons why we get sick in the first place.

Medicine looks at the disease and not the cause.

They will never find a magic bullet or a cure for cancer, Follow the money.

I hope if you are reading this that you followed the link that I posted a few days ago, which expires Oct. 8th, and start coming up with your own cure. It is never too late.

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