Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Stand Naked Before You

Ok, you may want to avert your eyes, but the only way to see change is to look at myself naked. There is of course the tendency to judge myself against the society norms of what looks good or not. But at this stage of my life I have to make compromises.

I wondered one day, that at work I lift and or move very heavy appliances and other products on a daily basis. It keeps me in some type of physical shape, but not what I would call athletic looking. I did this post here about strength. Old Man Strength.

So I look in the mirror closely and can see the abs showing more and more as the weight comes off. And other parts looking better, Will it get to where I want to be? Most likely not, getting older does stuff to skin and muscles that won't be looking younger anytime soon.

But there are mornings that I look like I have taken a step backward and my journey has been for naught. Sometime arthritis rears its head and I can literally put on 6 lbs overnight. I know the cause (water retention) and understand that in three or four days it will subside and go away, but still it is a bother.

But losing weight is a marathon not a sprint. I have figured that it is a two years or less journey to get where I want to be weight wise. I am half way there. But I think I look better overall now and it is a confidence builder  in itself.

And someday, on the scale and looking in the mirror, I might think...

"Not bad, not bad at all"

morning coffee time

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