Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Tree-mendous Day In Who-ville

Another tree cutting day around here. It is my continuing saga of cutting down a forty foot high tree with just me, a ladder, and my trusty saws-all. It is dangerous to do, trying to figure what direction the huge limbs will fall without knocking me off the ladder or getting hurt or killed!

So far so good. But it is very tiring to do. And tree limbs are very heavy. And I never ask for help.

Here are some pictures of my day.

the seeds which there are thousands 
dropped each day

oh they annoy me so

ladder at the ready

another view
it does a nice job providing shade
but since the old tree is dying
big winds continue to knock off
some of the smaller branches

the cuts out by the street waiting
for pick up Monday

some of the pieces were 25 feet long

the main limbs left are now on the other side
I have to make sure when 
I cut them that it doesn't hit the 
neighbors screened in pool enclosure
You can see it on the left hand side
of the picture.

Waiting on the left hand side is the new tree
which is actually attached to the old tree

I happened to look next door while I was up on the ladder
to see my neighbors watching me, with coffee in hand, wondering
I think, to see the idiot hanging on with one hand and cutting with
another. I survived for another day!

beer time!

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