Monday, October 17, 2011

So I Was Sitting In A Bar

I met a few golfing friends after work Friday at a local eatery because one of them was retiring. I realized I had not been to this place in almost 5 years, when we had a get together because I was transferring locations and would not be working with them anymore. The place has a comfortable feel to it. The food, standard fare, is good, the beer cold, and the music just right. Many games on TV of all types to enjoy as well.

Our waitress was pretty and competent in her job. She was very nice to look at. I pointed out to one guy who was flirting a bit with her that she was way to young for him. I guessed 25, turned out she was 24. About half his age. I thought she was interesting but way too young. She was of course, tipped nicely!

I did notice however, several attractive middle-aged women that were around the bar and tables that got my attention at times. Yep, the radar was still working! ha ha It is amazing in a good way they are still head turners.

But for some strange reason, it never dawned on me until a few days later, were any of them looking at me in the same way? Sometimes it is good to be oblivious to things happening around you and sometimes you might miss something.

Over time the shields go up and subtle hints are missed that years ago would have been eagerly looked for.

ah, the male ego.

time for the morning coffee

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