Saturday, October 22, 2011

Random Thoughts From RJ

In 1776 we rose as one people in a revolution to free our selves from a tyrant government.
We have been working ever since to make sure the people don't do that again.

If I you are a dictator of a country that has oil, I would start getting my personal affairs in order.
You are next.

The United States has never been the worlds policeman.

If you could remove politics and religion from the equation, most of the world would be at peace.

If the story of Pandora's box is true, that is where greed and corruption got its start.

The difference between the government and the mob is size.

The difference between a major religion and a cult is the amount of members.

Everyone has a dark inner secret or two. The really brave people reach out for help, the others shove it under the bed and sleep with the light on. Hey, I like sleeping with the lights on!

Surprisingly. all religions seem to have the same story about how their religion started.
And they are all wrong.

Our government now believes it is okay to kill its own people if it is more convenient to do so.

Animals kill for food or to protect its self, man kills because he can.

Will the world ever be war free? Sadly no.

Wiki Leaks is the most important source of information since the Pentagon papers.

If man could be like a tree, we would not wonder how high we could grow, we would just grow.

Yoda was right, "Do or Do not, there is no try."

Every failure is one step closer to success. One cannot stop growing.

The reason newspapers are failing is that aren't  that many good writers or reporters any more.

After oil, drinkable fresh water will be the next battle field. It is already started.

Fluoride is a by product of the production of aluminum. It has been used as rat poison. It is expensive to dispose of. We use it in our water and drink it. Makes perfect sense to me.

Commercials always show tooth paste as a full strip on the brush. That is twenty times or more that you are supposed to use. A tube could last for years.

The directions on fluoride tooth paste say not to swallow it. It is harmful.

The nuclear reactor in Japan is till wreaking havoc. But it is no longer news worthy. Until it happens in your hometown.

Till death do us part seems like a tough way to end a marriage.

The dream of home ownership, seems like a dream doesn't it?

Needs, wants, desires. It is funny how the first two get skipped so easy.

Guilt is a tool that is used very effectively by religions, governments and family members.

Love and hate have been battling since time began, Love is hard to understand while hate is always at the ready.

Why does the average person always rank themselves as a good driver when the ones around them would disagree?

If there was no debt there would be no need for money.

If you have gold instead of paper money, exactly how would one go to the store and buy a loaf of bread?

If it takes on the average 10 years to get really good at something, and you have been doing it for 30 years, when did the improvements stop?

Enough for today.
Time for the biggest cup of coffee
I can find!

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