Sunday, May 1, 2011

Survey Says?

Ok. I need a show of hands if you think my recent collection of writings over the last week or so could be described as drivel, claptrap, ludicrous, pretentious, sophomoric and which set back the case of verbal intercourse a thousand years? ok, ok, no shoving, yes, I will count them all, the one jumping up and down under  with two hands up, I counted you too.

Hmm, that many???

Ok. I need a show of hands if you thought it was emotional, gut wrenching, bare it all, informative, humbling. revealing, hurting writing that will stand the test of time?

I am waiting......( cue the sound of crickets )....still waiting............sigh......... .....sigh........

The results are in...And the winner is...

You liked it! Thank you very much for all that voted. ( Yes, the results were rigged, just like a real election. )

coffee time

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