Sunday, May 29, 2011

Follow Up, Part Two - Destiny of the Flea and the Inchworm and Me

I remember a war story when I was young, comic book style about a soldier lying on the ground who awakens to find out that he has died. He finds it hard to believe as he is up and walking around. He wanders along a road until he reaches a fork in the road. 

He can't decide which way to go, it looks like he is getting a second chance to live. So he chooses to go right. His adventure does not go well and he dies once again. He laments that he had chosen badly and wishes he had gone left instead. Lo and behold he gets the opportunity once again. This time he goes left, but once again it goes badly and he dies. He was dead and nothing was going to change the end result. End of story.

Life is like a big picture puzzle that we all have put together at one time or another. You dump all the pieces out and in most cases find all the edge pieces and see where they fit and before long it looks like a picture frame and you start working on the rest of the puzzle.

The puzzle in this case is you and your life. I think it is set, whatever you are to be, you will be. When the last piece is put in place, it is over. Finished.

But what of working to better yourself, more schooling, becoming a better person, find new talents and so on? A person can change right? 

My point is that anything that you do to change is already part of your puzzle.  If you are a doctor and then become a lawyer, you are supposed to do that. 

A sports superstar, done.

Rich and famous, done.

Model, done.

Rock Star, done.

Poor, done.

What ever you are today and if today ends everything, that is how it is supposed to be.

Everyone has a role to play in their part of the puzzle. The puzzles overlap, but they don't change.

Simplistic, perhaps. Cruel, no I don't think so.

Should one stop trying? No, unless your puzzle ends with you quitting.

The hard part is, no one knows. This is all a guess on my part, a surmise, a word I would use if I was educated.  

Am I totally wrong? Who knows? One thing for sure that I know is...

It is what it is.

time for one more beer.

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