Friday, May 20, 2011

Google Me And What? Anything?

I guess I can hide in the land of Google. Ok, Not completely but close enough. One of the reasons is my last name is the same as the first name of Denzel Washington. Thousands and thousands of lists for him.

Where am I?

I put in Raymond Denzel. Ah ha, Facebook!
Now we have it. I click on and ...heh, that's not me!

WTF, where oh where am I?

Finally, I did find my name for a review for a book I had once read.

And I found my name because of this blog. and my guest poetry spot.

raymond j denzel
ray j denzel

I guess I am not that important on the world search scale

that's it! I must be really boring and unimportant.

Maybe that is a good thing.

beer time

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