Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Bike Hunt

Honestly, I didn't think it would be this difficult. How hard could it be to make a few stops, check out the styles and make price comparisons, and go back later and pick up a new bike?

I decided to make the rounds before work yesterday. First stop the Sports Authority. There was a small cluster of bikes, some hanging from the ceiling, some in racks on the floor. It was broken up by mens, women's and children choices.

It looked all jumbled to me. I looked at the tags trying to figure what kind of bikes were being offered. Most seemed of the mountain bike variety. I guess trail riding would be more accurate since in Florida there is nothing resembling a hilltop let alone a mountain.

The second choice was called a hybrid. The tires were smooth down the center with a raised tread on the sides. A hybrid seemed like an SUV that is capable of climbing the sides of a mountain but is only used to traverse the local shopping center parking lot.

Leaving lost and bewildered, I then stopped at Dick's Sporting Goods. The quantity of bikes on display was very large, but it was still more of the same.

I decided to try the local Wal Mart. I normally don't shop there. The bike section was partly empty, and not well organized.


I had remembered a bike shop at one of the local malls here in town. I guessed that the prices would be higher but there would be a level of expertise to go along with it. I was right on both counts.

The woman was able to answer my questions about hybrids, tire pressure ( 90 lbs is better ), the value of a 21 speed bike, proper height and so on. But the prices. I felt like a credit check and a down payment would be needed.

So I headed home, not poorer, somewhat wiser.
The search goes on.

Maybe I should just stay with my old bike. Really it's not that bad.

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