Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Game We Love The Most Is Killing The Ones Who Play The Game

The brutal game many have played since childhood continues to ruin the lives of the ones that have played it at the professional level.

The depilating injuries to limbs and knees and shoulders has been well documented, leaving crippled players in its wake, unable to walk unassisted , drugged junkies unable to handle the daily tasks of life, castoffs of a cruel and vicious sport that attracts so many viewers that for many years now surpassed baseball as the American pastime.

The early days of football almost came to an end when some players died playing the game and changes were made to increase the safety for the players and equipment changes have made the sport more reckless and crowd pleasing for the viewing audience.

All with a price.

One attracts attention at all levels by having the ability to give out and withstand vicious hits. Those resonate the most with fans, plays of the week and end up on a you-tube highlight reel. The legacy of the game, crippled players left in the wake of it all. Huge grown men

Players of today are bigger, faster and stronger then years ago, but not tougher. Many gains in size and strength have come with steroids, which at the time, no one knew what the long term consequences would be, now we know.

Worst of all are the injuries that don't show, that can't be wrapped in a cast or bandages, no crutch for support.

Brain damage. many players are donating their brains after death to find out what is going on. Many have been found to have severe brain  damage.

Players are at risk at an early age, in childhood, when the risks are very high and not noticeable.

One note. To the rest of the world, players wearing the equipment that they do makes them not as tough as say Australian Rules football.

NFL players running at full speed, hitting a quarterback standing still, can generated the explosive force of being hit by a car at 35 miles an hour.  Anyone willing to try that , please get back to me with your results.

One thing though, do it 30 times. That is the average contact players go through in a game.

Like many sports, it is a test of machismo.  Man vs, Man.  But there are no winners.

You learn to play though the pain. But when you get older the pain never stops.

Back to the brain damage. Memory loss, blurred vision, it affects family life, jobs, constant headaches. The vibrant lifestyle one had when playing is gone.

yea, but the money right?

No. Many players make the minimum scale which might seem high to many does not even begin to make it all worthwhile. Signing bonuses are the only thing guaranteed and maybe the first year. They do not get payed for preseason games nor do the get payed for the playoffs.

Most players careers last around 3 years. Not too long is it? And then what. Most, when they leave the game, ( forced out ), do not have anything to fall back on. Many do not know how to mange the supposed wealth they receive.

Like the Roman Coliseum of old,  football stadiums are a mecca to many fans, ( fanatics ), millions and millions in cost to build.  Tickets, concessions, stadium naming rights, television revenue all contribute to pay for it all.

Players are bit players on the football stage.

The National Football League. Maybe they should call it The Not For Long league.

The game they love is killing them.

That is the football legacy. Not what you thought is it?

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