Sunday, February 3, 2013

There is no such thing as dying peaceably in your sleep

A friend from up in Chicago called to let me know that a neighbor of mine growing up had died, she was 91. He told me that she had not been sick or ill and just one day did not wake up. He said she had died peaceably in her sleep.


Peaceably. All that means is that she did not get hit by a car or a truck or shot or stabbed or whatever. Dying in bed is that much better?

I am betting that when the time comes your mind is screaming no,no,no,not yet as your body starts to shut down. You can't move, you want to cry out but no words come out and there is no one to hear you. Fear takes over as your body does what it can to stay alive. Your body may not be moving but in side you are doing jumping jacks trying to stay alive.

Conclusion? There is no good way to stop living. But this is just the thoughts of an old doddering old man, what do I know.

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