Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sometimes One Gets Pushed Into Another Direction

Ha Ha, no, this is not about finding inner peace, just a new way home from work.

When you switch jobs, one of the min struggles one goes through is how to find the best way to get to work and to get home. If you are familiar with the area you know no matter what, you will get there. You try this away and that away and like an animal in the woods, your trail emerges.

Sometimes the one that seems the most efficient is a bit stressful but it will do. Turn here, turn there, anticipate traffic patterns and so on. Zigging and zagging.

Then one night, a bit of daydreaming I miss my turn and was forced to continue on. A bit annoyed, I traveled on to the street I knew would take me home. And a funny thing happened.

I had a sense of calmness as I drove, it seemed easier, it cut my turns in half, and to top it off, less traffic! I was happy. And I have been doing it ever since. A path less traveled!

Side note, I tried it on the way to work and it didn't seem to work.

Another mini victory for me!

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