Monday, February 25, 2013

Really? You paid someone for that dress?

I stopped watching award shows many years ago, the glitzy over the top productions, the look at me red carpet interviews, it got boring. I don't go to the movies that much anymore so that doesn't help. But I still love the look of glamour when it comes to the ladies.

But in the fierce battle to out do each other, their are many losers. There must be only a few top notch designers out there. There is a rule to accent your attributes and hide your perceived flaws.

Some of the outfits I have seen in passing, a bag lady would leave behind. She of course, has her own standards.
And the hair? And jewelry? What gives? You looked so pretty before you dressed up!

There is a subtleness in a woman's looks that draws attention to herself. Something that gets a man thinking and thinking. Clean and fresh, a little that will say a lot.

Bawdy and trampy doesn't work unless a lot of drinking is involved!

So there you have it, an awards show review by someone who didn't watch the award show.

coffee time

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