Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If Higher Education Is So Important, Why Have A Crushing Debt Load To Go With IT?


The game is rigged, you know that. Need the schools, need the grades. Make it for only a select few, thin out the herd. Don't level the playing field. And by chance if they do make it through it all, leave them with a crushing debt load that they feel they will never get rid of.


What if you guess wrong, what if you do the 4 years, six years, eight years or more, and no one is hiring? It happens all the time. Let us say, you wanted to be a lawyer and work in Florida. Currently there is close to 84,000 lawyers in Florida. Do you think they all are making good money, fancy cars, and country clubs? Not a chance. Many are just getting by, many are broke, college loans just don't go away.


You are all grown up now, the world should be one big adventure but it isn't. In your twenties and your fiscal world is crashing around you. Some would say it was your choice, deal with it. If you didn't try some would say you are one big slacker. It is not right, it is not fair.


The pressure to succeed is enormous, to break even, exhausting. Life is not fair, never easy. But sometimes it is not right.  Mentally, physically, it takes its toll.

and I have to watch helplessly.

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