Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Navigating The Food Minefield

If you look down on the right hand side you will notice a badge I placed there from My Fitness Pal, a tale of the tape as it were showing the stops and starts of my weight loss journey. Take a look, I will wait.

okay, you are back. So far it has been fun and I feel I am in competition with just me. It gives me a strategy and a game plan. You look up what you are going to eat, it gives you the information, you decide to eat it and it subtracts the calories from your daily total allowed. I was given the information and the website from a wonderful woman at work who has the need to lose 7 lbs. That is right , seven.

Now I know you went back to look at what I want to lose. Back? Okay, no laughing. That is right 70 lbs.
I told her that and she was surprised.

There is a trick to it though, you must be honest. And read the serving size. If it is 15 potato chips to a serving, count out 15 chips, use a small container, it will look like more, put the bag away, and go eat. If you want more, you will have to get up and refill, no taking the bag with you. And yes, whatever beer I drink, however many, that gets added to the total.

Be honest.  that is the key.

I started out with 2500 calories a day. As I got close to the end of the day I realized I wanted to be under what I could eat.

A challenge. To me and me alone. And here is something else. When I got home, I wasn't starving. I had two beers and a serving of potato chips.  My reward!

Something I noticed right away, it is tougher when home all day then when at work. Too many temptations.
I work late many days, coming home after 10:00 p.m. So there is not much time for late night snacking.
But being home all day, it is tougher.

Now my daily goal is 1800 calories. I do take vitamins as a supplement to the meals.

Below is my game plan for today. A plus for me is I make my own soup and as I control what goes in, it is low in calories. And no preservatives.

Notice there is chocolate as a snack and an energy bar.  Nice touch I know.

Your Food Diary For:

Wednesday May 9, 2012

wish me luck!

black coffee time

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