Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How about a perfume made out of Bacon!

Forget roses and sandalwood
a hint of this and that
the dew of any endangered plant
hidden subtle tones

Make perfume out of bacon!

You want a guy to call back?
Stay the night?
Show up unexpectedly?

Make perfume out of bacon!

want him to
do the dishes
take out the trash
walk the dog
pick up his clothes

Make perfume out of bacon!

he will
worship the ground you walk on
write love poems
be ever so romantic

Make perfume out of bacon!

in a pinch, barbeque sauce would be nice!

*****warning ****
all areas that you normally dab a bit here and there, wrists, nape of the neck, cleavage and any other areas he may visit may be under constant attack.  Best applied with the shades down!
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