Friday, May 25, 2012

We the retail worker would like to apologize...

... for not being there to help when you walk in to buy something and are looking for help. In my area of the country our store has a seasonal clientele. When it is off season, there is always a drop off in foot traffic and sales. That reflects directly on how we staff the store. Sales equal staffing and if sales are slow there are less people on the floor to help the customers.

It happens every year, like clockwork. It is very predictable. Yet every year upper management acts surprised and gets panicky. There are many expenses that stay the same more or less and the one most controllable is payroll. Seasonal people are let go, part timers have hours cut to the bone, people are asked to take an extra day off, or two. And so on.

Those of us that are left have to cover more areas, many out of our expertise. Customers get cranky, can't find help, the help they get is not as good as usual, but we are trying our best.

They complain that we should hire more help. We can't tell them that sales aren't there.

We are exhausted but we try our best. We try to make you happy, sometimes it works, sometimes not.
Competition is fierce out there and we understand if you have a choice you will go elsewhere.

Already tired at the beginning of the day
a pot of coffee to be downed

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