Thursday, May 24, 2012

Women I meet and the three drink rule

The other day I wrote about my new social meeting rule I am so sorry, but there is a three drink minimum at this establishment!

I have used that line at work with some customers at work, getting some laughs and compliments. A few of them have told me that three drinks would not be needed with me!
No, they didn't say four or more would be necessary. One even asked me to turn around for her. She wanted to see if I had all my hair (which I do) ( a touch of grey on the sides, no coloring thank you) and told me maybe two drinks or less would be enough! It was good for a laugh.

I use self deprecating humor a lot. I learned a long time ago that if you can make a woman laugh it might lead to something. Or not. But it is still fun. I will say when they come back to buy that they should ask for the tall good looking salesman. If he is not here I will be glad to help! They smile and laugh, and mentally evaluate me in their mind. My god, I can hear them thinking.

All in a days work for me, trying not to make it feel like work.

And now that it is a day off for me today
a beer or two will be consumed
or three
or four
or more

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