Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wanna Buy Some Tatta's?

When I was growing up, there was a comic strip called Li'l Abner in a little town called Dogpatch. One of the characters in the strip was called General Bullmoose, an industrialist, likened to the chairman of GM. In one episode, he decided to capture the automobile market by selling cars for only $1.00!

I was reminded about that episode when Tata Motors had announced they had built for India a car that cost $2,500, designed to get people off mopeds and into a car, very basic of course, but still a car.

It reminded me also of the Volkswagen Beetle sold here in the states in the 60's.
It was very inexpensive, a car for the times, very basic and affordable to all.

People of today won't drive something so basic, no a/c, very little heat(no radiator),very cramped, but it would always start, got great gas mileage for the time and was fun.

Could the circle of life be coming back to the 60's as the economics of the world continue to change? Maybe.

Tata Motors did bring a car in for the auto show as a publicity stunt. The car looked good, looked roomy, and it did get your attention. Costs in the United States would be about $8,000. The one car cost $6.000 to ship, so I am guessing factories would have to be built here for it to make sense.

We have all made some economic choices at one time or another over the last few years, might this be another?
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