Monday, January 11, 2010

Sports Fanatic, No More

As I watched football over the weekend, and watched the promo's for the Super Bowl, the date was given as February 7. Meaning that baseball starts two months two months later.

Baseball starts in early April with snow in many cities and now ends in late October with snow in many cities.

Basketball starts in September and ends in June.

Hockey starts in September and ends in April.

Football starts in August and ends in February.

By the way, I am guessing somewhat on the end times for hockey and basketball. I used to care a lot, a fanatic on all things sports, but now I don't care as much. The seasons take forever to end, in lock step with TV networks to squeeze out as much money as possible while not allowing programing to be on when the young kids are still awake.

The money paid nowadays is of course ridiculous, but the fact that teams pay it means that the money is there. Where does the money come from? Why you the fan, of course.

Good seats for basketball can run thousands per game, same for football. Hockey can't fill the stands anymore, almost giving it away, baseball the same way.

Golf( the only game left for an old guy to play )will suffer greatly without Tiger this year. Jokes withstanding, on the course,, his game is machine like, and a joy to watch, mostly it is the mental side of the game that gets to his opponents, he knows he will win, they are not sure they can win against him.

ESPN has ruined the beauty of any game with emphasizing only the highlights that they seem worthy, "expert analysis" of minuscule bits of information that bore one to the extremes. The Super Bowl will have six hours of programing detailing the consensus of opinions on who will win and after the game explaining why they were wrong.

In all the games played with all the four major sports, hundreds of games played, there will be 4 winners, everyone else will have the "wait until next year" to pin their hopes on for the future.

Winning a championship is a fluke, not winning anything is average. To those whose hopes and dreams and self esteem are all pinned to the success of the sports teams in the cities that they reside in, look around and think. "we won the championship", or "we lost the big game", unless you strapped on the pads, took a swing,, made a basket, shot the puck, you didn't win anything. As long as we realize that we live vicariously with our teams, and it is not life or death and is for entertainment purposes only it is fine.

To remember a quote from a former Dallas Cowboy football player Thomas Henderson" If this is the ultimate championship game, why are we playing it again next year?"

No More.
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