Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An Open Letter To TV And Cable Execs Everywhere

We don't need you. We watch less and less TV all the time. Kids don't watch like they used to. There is nothing people like more than rich people fighting over money. Not! The wrangling over who gets paid what, means an increase in your cable bill.

The promise of 500 channels of entertainment has not come to pass. The TV has improved dramatically, but programing has not. If one could order programs piecemeal, how many would one watch? A handful, I am guessing.

We are inundated with advertising everywhere we go. Thousands of times a day from a variety of sources. It is very tiring on the mind and body. We hate it, but we understand somewhat, that it pays the bills. We understood that better when there wasn't a monthly bill to watch TV. Bring back the antennae!

Sports are a big part of TV viewing. But across the board, viewership is down. The ultimate promise of your team winning it all, no longer has the allure when growing up. And ESPN, please. just because they are everywhere, doesn't mean they are loved.

Tough economic times lead to tough economic choices. That is a concern for the industry. What if people find they can do without? What if we go back to a simpler time? What if we go back to playing outside with family and friends? It could happen.

Some will scoff and laugh. Things can change when pushed too far. Case in point, the car industry. Gas went to over four dollars a gallon, the Hummer is gone and a good chunk of the industry with it. People can be very creative and adaptable.

TV industry, you have been warned!
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