Friday, January 15, 2010

I Wish I Was Tin Cup!

I love this movie, seen it more times then I can remember. This is a clip from the final scene, where Roy McAvoy ( Kevin Costner )tries to make a statement instead of winning the U.S. Open. When I was growing up the golfer who would go for it and pull it off was Arnold Palmer, my early golfing hero.

Kevin was taught by Gary McCord on how to play, and in a tournament he had a similar shot to McAvoy's. He needed a birdie to win and went for it. He shot over and over again and finally got it in 15 strokes, Roy needs 12, and it was decided to end the movie this way. Gary is the handlebar mustached announcer in the movie.

Many courses have tiered greens and if you land on the wrong level, the ball has been known to roll of the green and into the fairway, but usually not from two feet away.

When that happened in the movie, I got teary eyed. I have used the line from the movie "My swing looks like an unfolded lawn chair ", because at times, when I am golfing, it fits.


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