Sunday, January 17, 2010

Maybe a solution to a problem, maybe not

This is not a perfect solution and I do not think it is so easy but here we go.

We have a country that has been literally destroyed from the ground up.

We have a country racked with unemployment, especially in construction. With the slowdown of the housing industry, there is a lot of man and woman power out of work, much equipment not in use.

Many wonderful people are reaching out with their hard-earned dollars, so let us put it to work.

Haiti needs to be rebuilt, but not as before. The building standards have to be followed to at least the level of the international building code, so as to try to prevent the widespread disaster they are experiencing right now.

They have the need, we have the people, why not? But a warning, the same geniuses at work after Katrina, in charge of cleanup and construction, can not be involved.

But the people of Haiti need to be put to work to help rebuild their country. They can't be shut out. National pride needs to be included in the effort.

How can we do it? Let me know.
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