Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why the big monster salaries in baseball, simple, supply and demand

To be able to play baseball at a professional level takes an unbelievable skill set including, eyesight, reflexes, strength, speed, endurance, power and lack of fear of a baseball hurtling at you at close to 100 miles an hour while being thrown or hit at.

Remember the little league games with hundreds of little people in their uniforms scampering around trying to act like their heroes? Most of them are not good enough, never will be.

At the beginning, there are three or four per team that seem to have a future. Those hopes are soon dashed.
If you are not the best player on your team, you are not good enough. Simple. Parents soon realize that little johnny can't play and lose interest and so do they. It is rare to see parents attend a high school game.

The funnel gets smaller and smaller as the kids get older. Then something funny happens.

They stop playing. Forever.
Organized leagues take the fun out of the game.

The ones that play high school, college or the minor leagues try to keep that dream alive. But there are not enough good ones which is why baseball, desperate for players searches the world for someone to get on their team.

The World Series actually is a world series now a days. It has no other choice.

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