Saturday, March 15, 2014

The little man inside my head must be an absentee landlord

It must be. How would you explain the fact I have enjoyed the same music, more or less all these years and still don't know every title and the words to every song that I hear? Or that for some songs I join in singing at the same point each and every time?

Or I can pick up a book that I have read many times before and still have it feel like it is a brand new and enjoy it once again?

Or that I can watch a movie or TV show again and again and still enjoy it all over again? Or use again too many times in this post? ;-)

I guess it takes something special, whatever the genre to find a special place in my mind. It checks in but never checks out. The little man is laughing right now, I have discovered his secret.

But what about those fantasies? Thought for another column.

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