Thursday, March 20, 2014

appliances ...part two...dishwashers

I know dishwashers are not popular everywhere, but here they are in every kitchen.

first the good news

The size of the opening is 24 inches. there is a smaller 18 inch but it is rarely used.
the height of the dishwasher can vary by 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch

keep in mine that if you put a thick tile such as mexican tile or marble in, you will have to remove three tiles every time to replace or repair the dishwasher. the installer or repairman will not do it.

the type of countertop that you have is important.
if you are getting a new countertop such as granite, quartz or a solid surface, make sure a piece of wood is put into place so that the mounting screws can be attached. your countertop guy will know what you mean.
if not you will need a dishwasher that allows you to screw sideways into the cabinet. there wil be a little cap that has to be removed to set the screw and then put back on.

again, most popular is stainless, black and white in that order.

it is measured in decibels.  the lower the number the better.  ranges from 64 down to 40.
once you get in the low fifties the machine will be hard to hear, that is a good thing. stainless steel is the preferred interior, easier to keep clean and adds to the quietness. as you go up in price you will get more spray leading to a better cleaning. a higher price will give you more cleaning options leading to better cleaning.
Samsung, LG, and Bosch to name a few do not have a heated dry option. they use the stainless insides to help in the drying process.

some come with handles with controls on top, some have control settings on the front panel, personal choice.

price can run from 200-1500 dollars, style, features , quietness and cleaning will determine price.


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