Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Tree Has To Go

I have a dying tree outside my fence in my back yard. I never did like it because of the tremendous amount of leaves and seeds it dropped everywhere including in my pool. But it did offer some shade and I was reluctant to cut it down.

There is another small tree that is attached to it, using the old tree as a host to live on. It has probably hastened the demise of the other tree.

a different view

here you can see the small tree
growing on the side

I did have a visitor stop by.
I ran in to get the camera

It was not really happy to see me
and started to turn to leave

slowly at first it ambled away

as  it got closer to the water
it really picked up speed
running to the relative safety of the water

The water levels are way down
as the rainy season has been slow to start

I wanted to take a picture
as it went in but there was no time

the finished look for now.
It was hot out. The good news is that the
falling limbs did not damage the fence.
and I did not get knocked off the ladder
or get hurt.
That is a very good thing!

Of course there was cleanup
involved. Tree limbs can be very
heavy so it took time
but now it is ready for pick up on

It was not an exciting day
but it was a successful day.

coffee time

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