Sunday, June 12, 2011

Morning Rant

I see a country

where large pockets of racial bigotry and hatred are considered ok.

where backward thinking about the evolution of life is the right way to think.

where the rights of a woman are not considered her own rights

where the needs of a rich few are more important than the needs of society

where every religion thinks their religion is the chosen one

where controlling people is accomplished by infighting and jealousy

where economic disaster is used to keep people in line

where men without conscience are allowed to be in charge

where the playing field of life is never fair or level

where fear of loss is used to give up civil liberties gratefully

where lack of education is a plus to control the masses

where the constitution is being gutted and not noticed by most

where an economic crisis is planned to take what one has left

where water will be a tool to control countries and its people

where food will be a tool to control countries and its people

where the right to vote is limited and manipulated to achieve the end results needed

where the press, once used as a guardian of the people, has been gutted and silenced beyond all recognition

where the land of the free and home of the brave is an illusion and is neither

where money being spent does not exist

where social security funds contributed to by the masses has been stolen and to hide that fact, it is looked upon as an undeserved entitlement

where the saying " promises are made to be broken" is not a line from a song but what passes as a government practice

where manipulation of food quality is designed to hurt not to help mankind

where the quality of life in other countries is to be derided not emulated

where might does not equate right

where the image as a world power is an illusion

where world rights and there sovereignty  is being trampled upon and accepted as right

where the need to be accepted clouds independent thinking

where grotesque profit is the ultimate motivator

where corporations are considered people

where reality shows are considered important social commentary as opposed to cheap mindless entertainment

where sports figures are considered role models instead of spoiled pampered one dimensional characters

where being a teacher of children is considered very important until it is time to pay them to teach

where the internet is considered not a godsend but as a detriment against controlling people

where facts are omitted or manipulated to champion a cause

where mediocrity is considered something to aim for in life

where one doesn't rob a bank instead be a bank to do the robbing

where to not be held accountable for corrupt business practices must mean one owns a piece of Wall Street

where fast food giants write food processing laws

where big banks write banking laws

where large pharmaceutical companies write the drug laws

where companies have bankruptcy protection but people don't

where greedy and manipulative people are looked upon as role models

where having a conscience is considered a weakness

where the vulnerable are considered prey by the strong

where the scary science fiction stories of the past are no longer fiction

where machines are replacing people in the workplace because they have no needs

where creating three burger flipping jobs while losing one high paying job is considered an uptick in job

I have more, but that is enough for now.

Hopefully this was  not too boring.

coffee time

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